Saturday, May 23, 2009

One syllabus for all schools?!

A recent "column" at Common Dreams calls for the United States to move toward Democratic Socialism. The comments left in response are pretty nauseating.

From a poster named Lefty:

Given the current collapse of our economy, it is now time to fully break the grip that our corporate fascist political and business leaders now have on this country. This list should include:
1. Nationalize the banking system.
2. Nationalize the insurance industry.
3. Nationalize or regulate the petroleum industry much like the electric and natural gas industries are regulated.
4. Single payer health insurance.
5. A robust higher education system in this country. Interest free students loans. $1000 a year tuition and room board at all state universities.
6. Campaign election reform. If you can't vote in an election you can't contribute to a campaign.
7. Nationalize any industry that does not follow the laws of supply and demand. [Wtf? -Cork]

Other posters clearly agree:

I agree with many of the comments by Lefty. There should be nationalisation of the essential utilities - gas, electric, water, banks (lending for mortgages, national savings, one set of interest rates), insurance. There should be one syllabus for all schools..

Multiple syllabi would be a threat to the regime's indoctrination, I'm guessing. Lovely. Keep in mind that this is from a fairly mainstream left-progressive site.

Good god these people are frightening.

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Brutus said...

I think it more interesting that Lefty thinks that nationalizing various industries will "break the grip that our corporate fascist political and business leaders now have on this country." Mussolini defined fascism as a union between corporations and the State. Nationalizing these industries will only strengthen the grip of our corporate fascist leaders. But since it appears that many on the left have difficulty understanding these political philosophies, they advocate such nonsense and sound even more ignorant when doing so. At least Mussolini was open and honest about what he was trying to accomplish.

Can we secede yet?