Friday, May 1, 2009

My life is a wreck, but I'm taking it rather it well

Welp, I'm about to graduate from college and go into the real world. Thank god!

The downside? Despite months and months of downright ruthless hunting, I haven't locked up a job or even an internship. So I'm going to graduate as a freakin' bum: a nightmare I tried to avoid by starting my job search early.

These are not the words of some stoner slacker dickweed, folks: I have a high GPA and a fairly decent resume. In fact, I have plenty of employers interested in talking to me about sales positions. The problem is, while I have some experience in that area (and even enjoy it to a large extent), I'm not sure it's what I want to do for a living. I want a job in the field I majored in, dammit! I know the economy sucks, but seriously..can't a man get a break?

On the up-side, I'll be taking a nice, relaxing vacation in Europe not too long from now. And it looks like I might be moving to the East Coast (the Big Apple) with my friend by the end of the summer. What are my plans for once I get there? I have none. I'm wingin' it like mad, people.

So if I'm going to be a bum, at least I'll be a bum living out his dreams! ;D


Mike Gogulski said...

Heading to Slovakia at all? :)

Cork said...

Mostly the UK, and a bit of France. But I'm sure I'll see Slovakia some day. After all, my family is from Croatia, which isn't that far away.

David Z said...

What was the focus of your studies? It's a long shot, but if we're hiring I could probably refer you.

Cork said...


Thanks for asking :D

DixieFlatline said...

Cork, a lot of money to be made in internet marketing.

Drop me a line on the Mises forums if you want some info. I might be able to get some contact details for firms in NY, but no promises on that.


Cork said...

Thanks, man! If I do end up moving to New York (which looks pretty likely), I might drop you a line.