Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jon Stewart defends mass murder

This guy has to be the single biggest pussy on the planet. Not a drop of integrity anywhere in his body. Sad.

UPDATE: The idiot neocons are also outraged, but for the opposite reason, of course. I couldn't resist fisking this one comment by a hysterical neocon at NewsBusters.

I want this coward, Jon Stewart, to talk to any surviving WWII veterans or their families. I want him to tell them that Truman is a war criminal.

There's some truth here: Stewart would be too big of a coward to do this. But I certainly wouldn't. I would be more than happy to politely, calmly explain to a vet that Truman was a cold-blooded murderer, a ruthless genocidal butcher, and a savage war criminal. If religion wasn't a hoax, Truman would be rotting in hell as we speak, probably in the same pit as Adolf Hitler.

Would the vet object? Who cares?

These heroes [sic] and their children will tell this idiot that Truman's actions saved millions of American lives (and in reality, hundreds of thousands of Japanese).

ROFL. Of course! The best way to save lives is to go around nuking people.

Jon Stewart is a person who is lucky enough that he has never had to sacrafice a damned thing in his privledged little life.

I don't know about Stewart, but I'm certainly not dumb enough to make any "sacrafice" for the state or its corporate cronies. Anyone who is simply gets what's coming to him.

He should be grateful!


Rorshak (1313) said...

What a spineless twit. I'm glad I don't watch his show anymore

Anonymous said...

Ugh, ugh, and ugh.

Got a non-Hulu embed for that by any chance? Hulu isn't viewable outside the US.

Cork said...


Unfortunately Jon Stewart videos are kind of hard to find. Comedy Central doesn't even allow them on YouTube, I believe. It might be available somewhere at the Comedy Central website.

Anonymous said...

the atomic bomb saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides. Japanese strapped bombs on kids and made them run at American GIs