Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing the point

As I watch pundits bicker back and forth about torture on TV shows, I continue to be baffled that opponents of torture never bring up the most vital point:


How in the world could anyone arguing against torture actually fail to make this point? Opponents of torture are reduced to arguing that it "doesn't work." Weak, man.

Here's Jesse Ventura debating some monster on Fox News (h/t to LRC).

Although Ventura did his best taking on three hard-core fascists, he seems to just assume, along with the hosts, that the victims of torture are "terrorists." He had several perfect opportunities to correct the stupid neocon jackass, but never did.

The neocon asks whether Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, and FDR should have been prosecuted. Well, duh. But the neocon has a point: civil libertarians would support the prosecution of those dead criminals and tyrants if they were consistent. A shame that they aren't.

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