Monday, May 25, 2009

The Keith Preston Dustup

Most of us who have spent time in the anarcho-libertarian quarters of the net are familiar with the work of Keith Preston. The man is a great libertarian-anarchist thinker, and I've linked others to his work many a time. His essay Beyond Conservatism is especially worth reading, as are his many criticisms of the anarcho-commies.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Mike and Kevin that his crusade against political correctness has crossed the line into bigotry.

There are other libertarian bloggers who devote nearly all their time to "culture war" issues. I'm not one of them, because it just doesn't interest me much. Admittedly, this might be because I'm not a member of any minority group.

But I've always viewed "cultural conservatism" as little else than a cheap excuse to blindly hate all minorities. Is it really all that gutsy to rip on a small group of people who are already treated with contempt every day of their lives? Can't we just leave them alone, or--god forbid--try to lift them up instead of tear them down further? No, that would be "PC."

Further, Keith has some views I've always seen as at odds with libertarian anarchism, such as his opposition to open borders. Sorry, but anyone who believes in state control over the "borders" (imaginary lines drawn by plutocrats) is in minarchist, not anarchist territory (pun intended)? This of course conflicts with the silly "populist right," but it's the anarchist position nonetheless.

The whole thing a damn shame, because so many of Preston's non-culture-war articles are a blast to read. But now he's gone out and pissed everyone off--alienated friggin' everyone--just to throw some red meat to the Neo-Nazi wolves. Ick.

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Rorshak (1313) said...

Indeed. I always thought the accusations of him being a racist and homophobe were exaggerations but this latest piece of his pretty much confirms it.

Way to unite the left and right anarchists, Keith.