Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing...a blogroll!

Well, it's pretty incredible that it took me nearly a year to get to it (which says a lot about my laziness), but I finally added a blogroll. It consists of:

-blogs I read

I threw this together really quick and am probably forgetting more than a few people. If I forgot you or you want me to add you, please tell me in the comments! Just keep in mind that I have as many readers as Obama has principles.


A funny comment left at SE's blog, in response to my memorial day post: "heroic" of you to honor those as you say...and quite frankly, I am being sarcastic! My Grandfather, and Great Uncles fought and lost their innocence in a war that if not had happened, your way of thinking would not be happening right now! You would be speaking German or quite possibly not be a part of this earth as we speak if you were not of the "true" race since that was what Hilter was aiming for in his quest to rid the world of those he hated. I, frankly am insulted at your words and feel that you owe my relatives an apology! I feel you need a good day in the local Veteran's Hospital cleaning up bed pans and speaking with those who have given up their independence in order for you to write such hatred. If you do not like this holiday, or the fact that we even have a military, then I suggest your move your sorry self to a country that fits your views!

Could there be a single cliche this putz forgot? LOL.


anarcho-"mercantilist" said...

Thanks for the link!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the link, although I don't really deserve it. I've been very bad about updating this past month.

Neverfox said...

Thanks! You've got a spot on mine as well.

Rorshak (1313) said...

Thanks for adding me as well, Cork!

Cork said...

No problem, guys.

Nitroadict said...

just noticed you added me as well, thanks.

Francois Tremblay said...

Why did you add me? Do you support socialism now?

Cork said...

You're an interesting chap, and we're both free market anarchists. I tend to agree with the ancap criticisms of mutualism, but what the hell. Nothing wrong with a little diversity in opinion.

SE said...

Hey Cork, thanks for the link!

As for your memorial day post, it did at least get a reaction from one (two?) of my readers. One was a "follower" who immediately stopped following my blog after reading your words.

Here is the blog reaction of that former follower and a comment from another fool that agrees with her. Just thought you'd appreciate the impact your words can have on brainwashed statists.

Well, thanks again, from one member of a "small silly group" to another.

Cork said...


Thanks for showing me that post, SE. It made my day. If I outraged even a single statist, then I did my job!