Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are We "Rich White Teenagers?"

From a comment on a post on Francois' blog:

I would love to see an “anarcho” capitalist rally, a bunch of rich white teenagers and a few rich, white, bourgeois economists.
I’ll check out more of your blog, Francois.

As usual, there are no real arguments here--just ad hominem attacks. And of course, simply putting quotes around the "anarcho" in anarcho-capitalism does not count as an actual argument (though it must be the best they've got at this point). But I had a few comments to make on this, er, comment, since I've heard many similar attacks on us.

1) This post combines multiple instances of racism, ageism, and classism in a single sentence. Not that I really care (a PC nut I am not), but it's quite hypocritical for a leftist.

2) It is extremely ironic that any left-anarchist would accuse anyone else of being a "rich white teenager," considering that virtually all of them fall into this category. According to, "the average age range of our active users is 16-20." once conducted a poll showing the average (left) anarchist was about 20 years old--probably rounding upwards. The YouTube crowd only reinforces this stereotype.

However, the real problem with them is not which demographic category they fall under (there is nothing wrong with being rich, white, or a teenager--unless the Democratic Party's entire base is wrong). It's that their arguments stink.

3) We are constantly criticized by the left for not marching around in asinine rallies, chanting and demanding free stuff all day long. But what would they say if we actually did so? Do any of us really believe that we would actually be given "credit" for it? Of course not. They would mock us even more. And if we showed up at a left-wing antiwar rally, who actually thinks we would be accepted or treated with respect? Nobody who isn't extremely naive.

4) As for "bourgeois" (ie, real) economists--how many of them are rich, white teenagers? Thomas Sowell? Walter Williams? Hans Hermann Hoppe? A bunch of loud, suburban teenage punks, all of them.

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