Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Are The Best Charities To Donate To?

Definitely add this one to the list. From a LRC article by Bill Butler:

The Minneapolis-based Sharing and Caring Hands is a libertarian’s dream charitable organization. Sharing and Caring Hands serves 240,000 meals a year, houses 500 people every night, pays to provide overnight shelter for another 19,000 people per year, provides eye exams and glasses for children and adults and also provides shoes, clothing and emergency funds to those in need. It does all of this without accepting one dime of state, federal or United Way aid. Sharing and Caring Hands has operated for over 20 years. Its founder and CEO, Mary Jo Copeland, was a libertarian before being a libertarian was cool. In addition to rejecting all state and federal aid, Mary Jo does not accept a salary. Mary Jo has heroically and successfully fended off numerous attacks from Minnesota state authorities who claim to dislike her accounting methods (she gives cash to the needy and does not get receipts) but actually are more concerned about what she really represents – perhaps the world’s greatest threat to the socialist Welfare State.

Sounds like she got the same treatment as Food Not Bombs.

What other charities out there deserve our support? There have to be plenty of them. Remember: the more we build up non-state solutions to people's problems, the closer we get to ending the disease called the State.

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Raskolnik said...

Thanks, Cork.

I've been a volunteer at several homeless shelters for many hours over the past couple of years, but I always wound up disgusted at the dependency these institutions create. Not that support isn't needed -- but it often winds up feeding in to the vices, pathologies, etc. that got many (but not all) of them there in the first place.

Hopefully this place is a little more helpful.