Saturday, March 21, 2009

Short, Random Thoughts on the Contradictions of Leftism

Leftists oppose police brutality, authority figures, and the US prison system. But all their taxes, regulations, programs and schemes are ultimately backed by police, authority figures, and prisons.

Leftists support civil liberties (ACLU) and human rights (Amnesty International). But their favored regimes necessarily violate both on a horrifying scale, and have done so all throughout history.

Leftists endorse equality. But they support the State--the most non-egalitarian institution in the history of mankind.

Leftists support science and oppose religion. But they cling to socialism religiously, even though the science of economics has proven it wrong repreatedly.

Leftists support legalized drugs, while at the same time hating tobacco and supporting the FDA.

Leftists hate global warming but support massive transportation subsidies and bail-outs for auto companies.

Leftists hate big corporations and claim they would rule us all in a total free market. But when big corporations are collapsing, they refuse to let them f**king die.

Leftists hate banks, money, and greed, but support the Federal Reserve.

Leftists hate free trade but support immigration.

Leftists hate poverty and nationalism but oppose globalization.

This is fun. Any that I'm missing?

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