Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brainpolice: Friend of Corktageous

Yes I have - I've elaborated on it a lot over the course of this very blog you are now commenting on. I'm not going to regurgitate old posts.

I don't like the attitude assuming that anything to "the left" of Benjamin Tucker is Stalinism and mobocracy in disguise. I've already been familiar with your attitudes in this regard from your earlier comments left on my blogposts at the Mises Institute, in which you generally devil's advocated against my pleas for anarchist pluralism by proclaiming the sins of "the left".
Sorry, that's simply a strawman of my position. You'll have to do better than that.

You're also making the faulty normative assumption that corporations and vertical integration is necessary for the growth of the economy. That's just your vulgar bias.

Again, here it seems like Cork is being rhetorical and misrepresentative...This is basically just off-the-cuff mockery and misrepresentation. Clearly, this is a jab at anarchist book fairs, implying that they are merely a conglomeration of factions of state-socialism and the serious anarchists are some sort of tiny minority at an "anarchist meetup".

In case you haven't noticed, the alliance of the libertarian left is trying to reach out to, ally with and educate some of these people (as in the fringes of the anti-authoritarian left). And yet the attitude I've encountered from you has generally been that they are a total lost cause with inherently diametrically opposed views to "us".

This is rank nonsense. There is no way to *externalize* limited liability without the state. Stop conflating internal agreements with *external* limited liability in the attempt to justify authoritarian econmic models.

All of this makes me a sad panda.

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