Monday, March 9, 2009

Pulling the Plug?

In response to a post on Anarcho-Mercantilist's blog, I commented:

Are you really in high school? If so, you're far smarter than anyone I went to high school with!

I don't blame you for considering ending your blog. I've recently been wondering how much longer I should keep mine. Sure, I can rail against every new state intervention, but what's the point?

I've done pretty much everything I was hoping to do with it--and far more. If I do pull the plug on it at some point, it'll be because I need a new hobby. I'll remain a libertarian, though.

How about you? Are you going to keep your libertarian views, even if you abandon your participation in the blogosphere?

I really am starting to feel like I need a new hobby. There are only so many "Obama sucks," "social anarchism is stupid," "check out this music video," and "government is bad" posts I can make. I feel like a broken record.

Still, I'm amazed that I kept this blog as long as I have. A few years before I started this blog, I had a non-political personal blog. As my life went to shit, it started to show, and I think I started frightening my (very few) readers. I posted less and less, and eventually not at all.

This blog has been, by my admittedly low standards, successful beyond my wildest dreams. I've found those who comment here to be extremely intelligent, interesting, and decent human beings. I never expected this pissant backwater of a blog to turn into anything or get a single comment. Thank you all so much for your feedback, for adding me to your blogrolls, for submitting my work to Digg and similar websites. Y'all rock. Seriously.

I think I need to spend more time improving my actual life (if that's even humanly possible) and less time on the internet. This doesn't mean I'll completely disappear. I'll still occasionally post snarky comments on libertarian blogs and behave like a child on various forums. But I feel like the longer I have this blog, the harder it'll be for me to give it up. And I have to give it up at some point.


anarcho-mercantilist said...
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Tristan said...

Just wandered over here from 'Instead of a Blog'...

I know how you feel. I blog very intermittently these days, partly due to the fairly rapid change in my views.
I may take a step back and 're-brand', trying to focus on longer posts, although I'm not very good at writing such things (I hope I can get better at it).

Good luck with your book ideas. Perhaps writing articles would be a good way to go as well?
See if you can get something published by Libertarian Papers perhaps?

Cork said...

Thanks, Tristan. I would actually argue that long posts aren't always necessary. Sometimes brevity is better.

I'm not quite sure when I'll end the blog, but it might be in the next few weeks.