Saturday, March 7, 2009

The "Left-Wing" is Anything But

The more articles I read like this, the more disturbed I am.

The Left (increasingly the mainstream Left!) is calling for nationalization.

Most would consider nationalization a leftist stance. But when you think about it, nationalization is anything but leftist. It is an extremely authoritarian act, by which a coercive, hierarchical ruling class begins to exercise brutal control over its subjects. When a State starts nationalizing shit, it's usually a signal to get the hell outta dodge. Nations that start down that road don't remain free for very long.

The statist Left is under the delusion that nationalization means stuff is going into the "hands of the people." As individualist anarchists are well aware, the State does not represent "the people," in any way, shape or form. The State and "the people" are two different classes at war with one another.

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