Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Soaks The Poor And Working Class To Pay For His Fascist Boondoggles

From a post at Right-Thinking:

There’s no way the businesses and rich people of America can pony up [this] volume of cash. They will simply move away from this country—exacerbating the problem our current business tax system is creating. Unless Obama is really out to lunch, he’ll have to raise taxes on everyone else to pay for this stuff—in which case, he’s fibbing when he claims that most of us won’t pay any more taxes.

Actually, he’s fibbing anyway—we’ll see the taxes on business and the wealthy showing up in smaller paychecks, fewer good jobs and diminished returns on our 401k’s.

As George Reisman has repeatedly and extensively explained, we all pay for the taxes on the rich, in one way or another. A tax on the "rich" is really a tax on all of us. In fact, the poor are hit hardest by these taxes, just as they're hit hardest by inflation and regressive taxes (sales taxes, social security, etc).

Like any good left-progressive, Obama is indirectly soaking the poor and working class to pay for his fascist policies. These are the same folks he will be sending to die in Afghanistan for the benefit of the rich. But don't criticize him! That would be unpatriotic.

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