Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cultural Conservatism: OK When Proudhon Does It, Wrong When Hoppe Does It

Left-libertarians have been having a field day with a collection of quotes from the forums.

In response to Brainpolice's post on Proudhon, I couldn't help but leave a few comments on what I saw as blatant hypocrisy:

You left out the part where Proudhon attempted to impose an income tax and national bank on the populace. Does it make sense for left-libertarians to bash Ron Paul while praising Proudhon, when the latter is less radical than the former?

Does it make any sense for left-libertarians to bash Hoppe but praise Proudhon, when the latter is far more culturally conservative?

Not that I'm a die-hard Paul or Hoppe fan, but I can't help but notice the double standard...

...If Proudhon had been a senior fellow at the Mises institute, I have a feeling the left-libertarians would be ripping him apart...

...Hoppe is kooky, and I've never said otherwise. But Proudhon was worse. Check out his views on blacks and Jews, along with his love for Napoleon, and then get back to me...

Now, I agree with Carson that those Mises forum comments are ridiculous (his comment You get the impression that capes and cigarette holders, and maybe pictures of Franz-Ferdinand, are popular in such circles? had me cracking up for about five minutes). I don't consider myself a culture warrior and don't even really care about Proudhon's views on race, gender, monarchy and whatnot. But let's face it: this is a double standard if there ever was one.

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