Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ann Coulter Endorses Ron Paul In 2012

Now is probably a good time to reveal my deep, dark secret. Are you ready? I've always personally found Ann Coulter to be pretty entertaining. Obviously, this is not any kind of endorsement of her views on foreign policy, civil liberties, etc. But I find her entertaining for the same reason that I find Ted Rall entertaining (even though I agree with him on zero economic issues): because she has a knack for pissing everyone off and stirring up a big ruckus or controversy. (Again: this is solely about her temperament, NOT her political or cultural positions.)

I love it when anyone (left or right) does this, and would do exactly the same thing if I was a political commentator constantly in the media spotlight. I would be so inflammatory and shocking it would be unbelievable. Don't ask me why. I just love anything that stirs up a huge controversy. Political pundits that "play it safe" bore the shit out of me.

We condemn the Coulters and Ralls in public. In private, we wish there were more of them. They're the only thing making the torturously boring news shows slightly exciting and bearable.

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