Saturday, June 6, 2009

The problem I have with Fox's "Freedom Watch"

It's a good show, but seriously, it's the biggest echo chamber I've ever seen.

Andrew Nopalitano: Breaking news! The government just did something that violated our rights.

Guest #1: It sure did, Andrew. The government sucks.

Guest #2: Agreed. The government is very irresponsible.

Andrew Nopalitano: Now, Guest #1, you said the government sucks. Does it suck just a little bit, or a ton?

Guest #1: I think we're now at the stage where it's sucking a ton. A crap-load, in fact.

Guest #2: The government violates the Constitution.

Andrew Nopalitano: What does that mean for the future of the US?

Guest #1: My guess is that it's going to suck, Andrew. And suck it shall.

As much as I hate statists, things can get a little stale without them there to fight over things..


Andrew said...

I haven't seen enough to really form an opinion, but I was very impressed with the coverage of Sam Dodson. I can't believe a show like this managed to get on a major news network. Especially Fox.

Cork said...

They've certainly had excellent coverage of authority figures abusing their power (which is basically every second of every day).

I also can't believe Fox would carry it, even if it's only online.