Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ding dong, the baby killer's dead!

Note: I may have over hyped this post in my previous entry. Nonetheless, here it is.

So George Tiller was recently murdered, and we're all supposed to condemn it and talk about how it's horrible and blah, blah, blah. While I don't endorse or applaud the killing of anyone, I'm afraid I won't be taking part in the feigned orgy of sadness and chronic whimpering.

Frankly, I don't care that the scumbag is dead. I have more sympathy for all the babies he murdered to line his own greedy-ass pockets.

Before the mob calls for my head, I'd like to remind everyone that I'm fine with legalized abortion at the beginning of a pregnancy. I think it's ludicrous to give a fertilized egg the same legal rights as a full grown human being, for instance. And the people who oppose birth control are simply idiots. In addition, I'm not religious, or anything close to a social conservative.

But what Tiller was practicing was infanticide, pure and simple. This was a guy who had admitted to performing abortions the day before birth in some instances. If you can rationalize that, then you're participating in the same mental gymnastics as those who are able to rationalize torture, imperialism, fascism, a million dead Iraqis, Hiroshima, and so on.

Tiller's defenders claim his abortions were "medically necessary," or that all of them were necessary to save the mother's life. While I'm not in the mood to drop links, a few minutes on Google puts a swift end to that myth.

So spare me the crying over Tiller. People like him are the reason why the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act was passed. It is pretty sad that a bill to ban post-birth 'abortions' would even have to be passed; surely it's not controversial to believe that killing born people is wrong? As Tiller put it, it's "sloppy medicine" when the business isn't finished in the womb. Cute.


Nitroadict said...

*golf clap*

Good show, although I'm sure someone is going to barge into the comments & yell at you for not literally endorsing the mentioned legislation, even though they want you to so they bitch about something.

Sympathy is better spent elsewhere, on things we can control (i.e. on the living, not the dead).

SE said...

Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Not as "controversial" as I was hoping, but okay, I guess.

I don't think your position against late-term abortion is so much the issue here, but rather the way you speak of Dr. Tiller and his murder. That is what's more likely to "piss people off".

Of course, the person who killed Dr. Tiller (if they are a true "pro-lifer") believes that early abortions are just as much murder as late ones, so that ALL doctors who preform any kind of abortion are therefore murderers and also deserving of death.

By the way, off topic, but if you haven't yet seen Tremblay's hysterical reaction to Five Easy Steps To Becoming A Commie, you've got to read his comments.


Cork said...

Yeah, I felt like it was really taking a razor blade for a sensitive issue. Of course, that's what I usually do, but it in this case it was a only a day after the person's death.

And ROFL, I had no idea the comments to that post got so crazy! Good god! Socialists are ultra-sensitive creatures, aren't they?