Friday, June 5, 2009

The environmentalists are going to be angry

People are going Green without any "help" from the useless State.


Andrew said...

Not all environmentalists. Some of us have already been preaching this sort of thing.

Cork said...

Fair point. Enviro-statists would be a better term.

Nitroadict said...

Indeed, although I consider volunatry-enviromentalism a given regarding my some of my own culturally conservative beliefs; in this sense, conserv- really does mean helping to conserve the environment, which is also a part of living within one's means, not leeching off of others, etc.

I'm sure a lot of the LL's would also agree, however. As libertarians and/or anarchists, while the rest of the statists continue to flirt with ultra-liberalism, we remain at the classical viewpoints of both classical liberals & possibly the old right (minus the statism in both cases, of course).

All around excellent read, though. I had been bouncing around an idea myself based on a similar method of organization (a'la flashmobs).