Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ted Rall: That's It?

Rall is right: the murderous criminals who have been looting the country for the last eight years are getting off scot free, setting an extremely dangerous precedent.

They got away with all of their barbaric crimes, and the brain-dead American sheople didn't bat an eyelid. Sickening. It just goes to show how anything is legal when you're rich and powerful.


Mike Gogulski said...

Setting a precedent? Hardly, methinks. That's a precedent already long established.

Cork said...

True, but it's amazing just how blatant and far out in the open the crimes were in this case. Even the Supreme Court ruled that some of the stuff they were doing was illegal! It was eight full years of crime after crime. The evidence is mind-boggling. Even statists were troubled by much of it.

So while every president is a crook, it's still pretty jaw-dropping that they got away with it all.