Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talk About Senioritis...

So it's my final semester of college (yes, I'm that young) and I'm infected with a horrid case of senioritis. Or, in my case, it's more like don't-give-a-crap-itus. I'm slacking off because I simply don't care. My GPA is already plenty high (those bastards at the Super Honor Society or whatever keep hounding me to join) and I've already completed all of my important/required classes. All that's left is a bunch of irrelevant gibberish that I couldn't give a hamster turd about.

College hasn't lived up to the hype. In fact, I don't like it and want to leave. Badly. I find that I have way more fun, feel better, and make friends easier when I'm working a job. School blows. In fact, a number of my friends have dropped out and tell me all the time that they made a great decision.

I'm not going to drop out. That would be extremely stupid, since I only have a few months left. So I'll finish off the last few months, but I'm not going to work particularly hard (except at finding a job in the real world, which is all that really matters). Where I would normally read the chapters out of a text book, I'll just watch a movie or take a walk outside in the fresh air. Or make awkward attempts to hit on chicks. Whatever. I'm just glad that I'm about finished with the useless world of ivory-tower quacks, lecture halls, and overpriced, dull text books. It makes me laugh when I think about how little any of it matters in the real world. Funny stuff!


David Z said...

I don't remember much of my last semester. I think I had one class that actually mattered; it was a self-directed study with a great professor. What school work I actually bothered to complete, I made sure I went to the library *before* I went home, and finished it there.

Then I rocked out. Eight nights a week.

When I finally came home from college, I'm pretty sure I went through withdrawals.

It was such an utter waste of 4-5 years of my life. And a complete fucking fantasy world that does absolutely nothing to "prepare you for the real world."

Unfortunately in the eyes of many who make the decisions, you need that goddamn sheepskin.

Cork said...

It was such an utter waste of 4-5 years of my life. And a complete fucking fantasy world that does absolutely nothing to "prepare you for the real world.

I couldn't agree more! While it's reassuring to have a degree, I can't help but wonder how much worse things would really be if I had never gone at all. My answer is: probably not very much.

David Z said...

probably not any worse at all...

I don't know what the wage-gap looks like exactly, but between the student loans that I wouldn't have, and the car that I wouldn't need, I could get by on about $14k less each year. And $14k less, puts me at well below the median income which means my tax deductions start working overtime for me, so I could probably get by on $20,000 less than my current salary.

I've been out of high school now for a decade, do the wage-gap statists really want me to believe that even after ten years, I wouldn't be earning in the 40th percentile without a college degree?