Friday, January 2, 2009

Campaigning For Wealth Destruction

A blogger at Crooks and Liars praises Obama's plan to "campaign" for his next batch of economic insanity.

She comments: "Absolutely a smart thing to do. I've been saying for years that the reason Democrats have so much trouble pushing their agenda is they think too literally: They lay out the problem and state the proposed solution without selling it to the public."

"The public" does not need to listen to more drivel from the idiot Obama. "The public" needs to read Chapter IV of Economics In One Lesson (pdf).

"The public" also needs to stop voting.

"This is where the Republicans have always excelled, because they come from a sales and marketing culture and average citizens are conditioned to be consumers."

I come from a sales/marketing background myself, and think this pretty wrong. Republicans are awful at this. For instance, the reason Bush failed miserably at selling the public his social security pseudo-privatization plan was precisely because he had no idea how to sell the corporatist scam to the public. Sure, they were able to trick the public into invading Iraq, but that says more about the gullibility of the public than the Republican party's communication skills.

"So if this is how the Obama administration is going to operate, it's very good news"

Good news for the plutocrats, I suppose. Very, very bad news for the rest of us (as usual).

This will become quite interesting, though. As Gerard Jackson put it, "It will indeed be a testing time for the American economy. Under Obama we might discover just how much punishment she can take." It's like giving the baby one extra shake every time it survives. Only Obama's not just shaking the baby, he's shaking it underwater.

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