Thursday, January 22, 2009

David Z Annihilates The Philosophy Of Statism


It always makes me laugh when I hear the "love it or leave it!" argument from statists. Why? Because the bastards won't even let you leave!! Just ask Mike Gogulski how easy it is to leave, with all the rules, regulatory crap, and bureaucratic hoops it involves. Hell, you can't even walk near the border without being handcuffed or shot.

Note: Originally I couldn't read this page, so I downloaded a better browser (which I had been meaning to do for some time). Best decision I ever made. I'm amazed I didn't just do it earler.


Mike Gogulski said...

Aw heck, I mean, it wasn't *that* hard...

I mean, all I had to do was:
- find a different country to live in that is one of only 30 or so to have signed on to a particular treaty
- move to that country
- become a legal resident (which entailed first getting jobs, then starting my own business, plus paying taxes, license fees, and visa fees)
- take some small preventive measures to handle the ID-less period
- actually renounce citizenship (hours and hours, ultimately, though not a hugely difficult deal)
- ???
- Profit!

Okay, I guess that is quite a bit... :)

David Z said...

LOL @ Mike.

Thanks for the plug, Cork.