Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe My Intuition Just Sucks?

When I left my job interview this morning, I was fully convinced that it went terribly. The whole thing just felt really awkward and I wanted to get the fuck out of dodge, pronto. As my cell phone rang later on, I thought they were going to tell me to get lost. Incredibly, they said they were impressed and want me to go to a second interview. WTF? I mean, not that it's a bad thing, but I'm seriously shocked. I thought the interview was friggin' awful. Maybe I'm just a pessimist.

Yippee...I guess?


Mike Gogulski said...

Proceed with caution. If would think that if you thought it went badly but they want to continue, there's gotta be something wrong.

But then, maybe you were on a mind-fucker HR psych interview?

BTW, did you know there's a British libertarian blogger who uses that same screaming baby? http://mreugenides.blogspot.com/

Cork said...

I suppose it went OK overall, but one of the questions I asked about the company seemed to piss them off for some reason. But yeah, you're right, caution is always a good idea.

So a Brit is using the angry baby, eh? Well, two can play at that game damn it!

Ah...who am I kidding? I'll change it to something else later tonight. :D

David Z said...

Interviews that went terribly always landed me a second interview, and usually ended up with a job. Interviews that went "extremely well", I never heard from them again... Weird.