Monday, December 1, 2008

The LP's Unbearable Lameness Continues

Could the Libertarian Party possibly get any more lame (or irrelevant)? It's become so embarrassing that I literally wince whenever I have the misfortune of stumbling upon its web page.

In an obvious attempt to pander to conservatives, they are now doing different "volumes" (as if anyone is actually keeping track of this bullshit) of "Free Market Heroes."


This is why John A. Allison, the chairman and CEO of BB&T, is the Libertarian Party's Free Market Hero for the week.

In addition to running one of the nation's largest banks, Allison and BB&T fund programs at more than 40 universities that teach the moral defense of capitalism. "Although each of these programs differs in its composition and mission," says Clemson University's
business profile of BB&T's charitable programs, "all are united by a commitment to teaching and research on the moral foundations of capitalism."

ROFL. Sweet Jesus, that is fucking retarded.

This blog post alone makes me wish I had never told anyone else that I'm a 'libertarian.' Ever. **Shudder**

What is it about the LP that just rubs me the wrong way?

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