Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Machinery of Freedom: Worth Reading?

Question: is David Friedman's book worth ordering and reading, or is it just a watered down rehash of Rothbard's For a New Liberty (which I already have)? I doubt that I'll convert to his version of ancap, but I'm still curious enough to consider ordering it. Plus, I have quite a few gift cards to get it with--good ol' xmas.


Mike Gogulski said...

I heart the new blog header image.

Machinery is not only worth reading, it's essential. Where Rothbard bases his anarchism on a theory of rights, Friedman attempts to ground it in economics and utilitarianism, at least partially.

It has been ages since I have read the book, and I don't think I ever even had a copy of it. What I do remember of the experience of reading it, though, is having more than a few of the chains lifted from me. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Rorshak (1313) said...

I would recommend it.

I don't think it's as philosophically strong as Rothbard's works but I think it's still a good book on the "how" regarding ancapism. I hear "The Voluntary City" is a good read on the subject as well.

Cork said...

Thanks a bunch, guys. I'm happy not to see a bunch of "Friedman isn't an Austrian, therefore he's the anti-Christ!" blather. I really tire of the childish sectarianism that tends to prop up in libertarian circles.

Looks like I'll be getting his book, then. :D