Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Official: Franc Is A Communist

Or at least that's what his most recent post sounds like.

Slowly but surely, Franc continues to slide into the wackier backwaters of ultra-leftism. He's starting to sound indistinguishable from the 16 year-old Tater Trots at RevLeft.

Some excerpts:

The consumerist view of progress is that corporations exist to “serve the customer” by providing ever-expanding alternatives, advancements, by lowering the prices of the resulting products, and by providing more of them. This is possible due to the profit motive: the more they sell, the more they profit, and there are always more expensive novelties to introduce to compensate for lower prices elsewhere. In the labour view, economic organizations serve the needs of their workers and the community, not primarily profit.

"Serve the community, not profit!"

Sounds like loser talk to me.

In the labour view, poverty can be eliminated if the poor self-organize and reclaim their own labour from the ruling elites, working solely for their own benefit and the benefit of their community.


Psychologically, the consumeurist view leads to mental passivity. As consumers, we watch ads (now, even down the aisles of the stores and at the checkstands) which appeals to his most primitive emotions, wanders around aisles of brightly packaged products which are geared towards the lowest common denominator, and just generally gets in the same mindset that leads to the acceptance of propaganda in general.

And the Frankfurt School begins to rear its ugly head. Blech.

Will he keep going or will he one day realize how crazy all this blather is?


Francois Tremblay said...

Wow, you make me sound so kooky! Like some kind of communist comedian!

But everyone knows communists do not have a sense of humour. (that's how I know I'm not a communist!)

Rorshak (1313) said...

In Soviet Russia, comedian laugh at you!