Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Few Things Bush Did Right

Bush's presidency has been a disaster from beginning to end, and the US will be suffering from the consequences of his insane policies for years to come.

Nonetheless, as difficult as it was, I wanted to come up with a list of the few things he did right:

1) He pardoned a number of pot-heads, tax evaders, and gun owners.

2) He (thankfully) "failed" at securing the borders, and had a somewhat lax immigration policy, which really pissed off conservatives.

3) The Dubai port deal, which also angered conservatives.

Aside from these three things (and a handful of vetoes), what did he do right? His fiscal irresponsibility, foreign-policy blunders, and alienation of the entire world have made it far more likely that the US empire will come crashing down in our lifetimes. If someone with more restraint, responsibility, or intelligence had been in office, the end of the empire would probably be further away. Better that it be headed for collapse.

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