Saturday, April 4, 2009

Watching Woods

So I went to see Tom Woods speak tonight, about the economic meltdown. It was a great presentation (Woods was very humorous), but for whatever reason I felt like an outsider being there. I got strange looks, and have the feeling a lot of people there suspected I was a left-liberal. In other words, I fit in with the Ayers-Churchill crowd fine, but not with one that shares my philosophy...LOL.

The audience was mostly a conservative/libertarian hybrid, with a handful of intelligent liberals. One badass standing in the back had a Murray Rothbard "Enemy of the State" shirt on. Rock on, bro!

It's funny to say this, considering my previous post, but I was actually quite relieved to see some left-libertarians there---one of whom politely handed me an A-L-L pamphlet. While I've been critical of the excesses of some left-libertarians, it was a joy to see them. And it was hilarious watching them hand anarchist pamphlets (each with a big circle-A on the front) to a relatively conservative audience.

Market anarchism (or whatever the F you want to call it) is really spreading!


Andrew said...

I'd be a little more impressed if the lecturer wasn't an anarchist from Mises Institute, but that's still pretty cool.

Cork said...

I don't think Woods is an anarchist. IIRC, he's a minarchist.