Monday, April 27, 2009

Counterpunch smears the Free State Project

Here. In the tradition of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, the author cherry-picks "extreme" statements ("cannibalism should be legal"), and libertarians are presumably supposed to "denounce" them. What if we just applaud them instead? The heads of soccer mom Democrats across the country would explode.

To see how badly I can horrify the sheep, I thought I'd make some "extreme" statements of my own:

Cannibalism and necrophilia should be legal, so long as the person consents before death.

It should be legal to broadcast hardcore pornography on Saturday morning television.

It should be legal to buy and sell meth, heroin, cocaine, ecstacy, shrooms, and every other nasty drug you can possibly think of.

Animals have no rights.

There should be zero restrictions on gun ownership or immigration.

People should be allowed to discriminate against any race or gender they don't like.

Teachers having sex with students really isn't much of a crime, when you think about it.

Corporations should be allowed to grow as big as they please, and charge prices as high as they feel like.

Polygamy and incest should be legalized. As Harry Browne put it, "I should be able to marry my cat if I want to."

Cops and soldiers are trash.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Oops, sorry. Did I say something "extreme?" Perhaps the shrill goo-goo leftists at Counterpunch will demand I "retract" these statements. Unfortunately for them, I have no intention of doing so. In fact, I'm proud of them.

I've got your "retraction" right here, Counterpunch:


Andrew said...

When the Free Staters in my city started getting notice from the local press recently, the city's only regular paper published a story that quoted one of the local FSers about cannibalism. They could've asked about taxes, the drug war, corporate welfare, or just about anything else, but they asked about cannibalism! Can you say hit piece?

Cork said...

"Scary libertarians will move next door to you and eat your children!"

LOL. Too ridiculous.