Friday, September 26, 2008

Enron: Small Beer Compared To The Latest Batch of Corporate Crooks

The upcoming bail-outs are corporate fascism at its very worst. At this point, I would stand up and cheer if the left-anarchists were to throw bricks and rocks at the "private property" of these tyrants. These robber barons fucking deserve it!

The corporate extortion this time is around a trillion dollars. You know what that means: we all get to take it in the ass. Without lube. The pitchers are the corporate oligarchs who have successfully enslaved this idiot country.

At least historians are probably happy. They finally get to see what the Weimar Republic was like!


Mike said...

The figure I heard discussed on a BBC panel show late last night was more like $1.8 trillion, if all the foregoing bailouts of the current crisis are added to the big whopper under current consideration.

And I'd still rather see the bricks and rocks directed at the state apparatus itself, rather than the canny beneficiaries of its "largesse". After all, if government-mediated welfare payments are an evil, I still doubt that we would advocate stoning the poor who take advantage of them.

Cork said...

$1.8 trillion now? Holy hell! This is seriously unbelievable.

I agree that the state is really the problem, and throwing rocks at the companies would probably be pointless (although I wouldn't lose as much sleep if they did it to these guys, as opposed to Starbucks, etc). Though I might make an exception for war profiteers.