Wednesday, October 1, 2008

John P. on the Idiocy of American Voters


Voters are stupider than politicians because, one, they inexplicably ascribe a high level of intelligence to their vaunted leaders and, two, they delude themselves that this separates their leaders from those across the aisle. The professional criminal class must at least be somewhat smarter (and less ignorant) than the voters because they treat the voters like complete idiots, which is appropriate.

I couldn't agree more. The American people are just plain stupid. What is so amazing to me is the lengths to which Democratic and Republican voters will go to make themselves believe there's a difference between the two parties-- no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.

Since most of my friends are Republicans (yuck), I get an up-close look at this sort of idiocy on a regular basis. At a recent party, I annoyed several of them for suggesting McCain may lack some degree of sanity, and George W. Bush may, just may, be a bit of an idiot. Needless to say, they would shit a canary if they read anything on this blog.

One of them actually praised the "stimulus"--no joke. Insert laugh track here. Yes, that's right: even watered-down Bob Barr style libertarianism would be completely unhinged, reckless insanity to them (and to most of the American public).

Say what you want about Tucker Carlson, but the man did an excellent job (starting at 7:15) of explaining why libertarianism isn't and will never be popular. It requires people to think instead of forcing others to do what they want. I would say the same about market anarchism.

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