Friday, August 29, 2008

Why "Gradualism" and "Pragmatism" Are Completely Worthless

Last night on Glenn Beck's program (don't worry, I only watched the YouTube--no way in hell I'm giving that putz higher ratings), Bob Barr, the "Libertarian" Party's candidate for dictator ("President") more or less declared war on the entire world. See here and here. He did so in the name guessed it!..."pragmatism." "Evil doers" abroad will feel our wrath, said Barr.

What is an "evil doer?" Anyone who doesn't enjoy being gang raped by the US, Israel, or Georgia? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother...

Barr has often spoken of himself as a realist. Wayne Allyn Root, the "Libertarian" Party's candidate for Vice Dictator, has also spoken positively of realism and gradualism. Both have condemned "extremism."

What does "gradualism" amount to in practice? Begging on your knees like a fucking pathetic baby to implement tiny, pitiful, meaningless changes that will quickly be reversed (assuming that they are even put into place, which they won't be).

"Gradualism" simply doesn't achieve jack shit. Never has, never will. Can you imagine how successful the American revolutionaries would have been if they had called for a "gradualist" program of reducing the Crown's power by .001% per year? It's such a freaking pathetic joke that it's hysterical--especially to the ruling classes. "Sure, we'll cut your taxes by .01% per year! Oops, looks like we just raised them through the roof again. Maybe next year, chump." It's like dangling a lollipop in front of a kid, then moving it away when they try to grab it. Funny stuff! For the ruling class, it's just plain cute.

"We can't just get rid of half the government tomorrow!" cries the hysterical Beck (I'm paraphrasing). Well, just when the fuck can we get rid of it!? Should it be there or not? If not, then why the hell shouldn't we just get rid of it?

Imagine getting a headache (you probably already have one if you're a regular reader of this blog). You say to yourself, "I have an ibuprofen pill right here. My head hurts. When I take the pill, the pain will be gone. But I can't just get rid of the headache, just like that! That would be unrealistic! I had better just keep the headache."

That would be extremely stupid. But apparently, that is how Beck gets rid of his headaches. Anything else would be too "drastic" or "radical."

Gradualism is also worthless because nobody is motivated to work for small, measly changes that are ended in the blink of an eye. Again, would the American revolutionaries have been willing to fight and die for a microscopic decrease in taxes?

There is nothing more unrealistic than "realism" and "gradualism." Until libertarians learn to stop pussyfooting around, we'll never get anywhere. Really guys, it's a joke. What will all the gradualism and reformism get Barr and the "Libertarian" party? A lost election, and an even more thuggish usurper ("president") than the last gaining power. A real success, that "gradualism" is. Let's hear it for gradualism and realism! Woot!

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