Monday, August 25, 2008

A leftist in a libertarian's body?

My blog posts so far have been pretty straightforward ramblings against things I do/don't like, with a lot of standard libertarian gunk. Now I'll finally get a little more personal.

As strange as this might sound..the more I think about it, the more I think I'm a leftist in a libertarian's body. Although my political views are not leftist, it would probably make more sense if they were.

Confused yet? Allow me to explain.

First of all, I am very strongly right-brained (which is somewhat unusual for my sex and political orientation). I am very much into anything involving art or 'creativity,' and pretty damn dismal at anything involving numbers or graphs. I am also (this is surprising, even to me) pretty emotional and have difficulty expressing intense feelings without 'breaking down.'

OK--I admit it, I love Whole Foods, and enjoy a lot of organic stuff, especially foreign and exotic beverages. I'm not religious or into guns.

I love foreign and controversial films, but can't stand sports--playing or watching them. I'm not into video games or computer games either. I think "cars" and a number of other masculine fascinations are pretty boring. I live in a far left-wing city.

I could go on and on...there is plenty I was going to write that I can't even remember here. The point is, I meet the profile of a leftist in quite a few ways, but am not one (at least not on economics).

Not sure why I had to make a post about it...just kind of off, huh? I noticed all of this not too long ago and have been pondering it lately for some reason. What does it all mean, dammit!?


Mike Gogulski said...

Good stuff, all. In the hope of giving you broader exposure to at least my own pathetically small audience, I've linked to you at


Cork said...

lol, thanks man!