Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Libertarian Party's Lame-Ass Website

I know that most of us could give a crap about the LP, but I do. Not because I think they'll ever get elected for anything, or that they deserve to, but because it was the "gateway" through which I eventually became a market anarchist, and through which many others to come will (hopefully) become market anarchists. As we're all aware, it has gone in an increasingly crappy direction. A good start would be having a website that isn't so freakin' lame.

A few complaints:

1) The logo. Wtf? It's awful. It looks like a moon made out of cheese is swinging behind the statue of liberty or something. The older logo is way better.

2) The text: "Smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom." Fucking YAWN. That is so boring, cliched, and vague that literally anyone could claim to believe in it. Ask Barack Obama if he believes in those things, and he'll say "yes." Hell, if someone asked Hitler if he believes in "more freedom," he would have said yes. Everybody claims to believe in "freedom," even (especially?) when they advocate the exact opposite.

3) The "blog" is lame as hell. The LP used to allow people to leave comments on it, but that's changed ever since most of the party got pissed at the LP's direction and nominees. Now the posts are completely uninspired and nobody can even leave comments or feedback.

4) The platform. It is perhaps the most sad part of all. When I was a young conservative back in the day, exploring the LP site for the first time, the radical plank demanding the total abolition of taxation energized me on the spot and got me all excited. Now it doesn't even take a firm stance against the war on drugs. There is now only one measly sentence on victimless crimes, just barely condemning them. Don't even get me started on the rest of the platform. It is Republican-lite at its lightest. If the Ron Paul and Bob Barr campaigns taught us anything, it's that principled radicalism excites, while "mainstreamism" bores the snot out of everyone.

5) The press releases are terrible, focusing on petty issues (mostly ones Republicans agree on) while mostly ignoring the frightening war-torture-bombing-police state built up by conservatives. When the press releases go after the Iraq war at all, it's not because it's a murderous imperialist crime, but because it's a "waste of taxpayer dollars." (If Obama started building concentration camps, would our first criticism be that it's a "waste of taxpayer dollars?") The LP has utterly failed to address the impeachment of war criminals Bush and Cheney.

The site sucks, guys. Clean it up.

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